Monday, September 22, 2008

Love Arizona Sunsets...

Taken from our front porch a couple of weeks ago! Our Heavenly Father's paintings are beautiful!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OBED Ward RODEO... (pictures will be added soon)

Saturday we had a GREAT ward party.... A RODEO! We had a huge turn out with lots of good food and entertainment. Alan spent the last couple of days rounding up animals - we had muttin' bustin (5 sheep), steer riding, cow hide races, ribbon race, kids made stick horses, gunny sack races, barrels, poles, and more... Alan's sister Tonya is the activity chairman and did a great job. We came home that night DIRTY and TIRED and HAPPY the day went so well! The following are just a FEW of my pictures, just to give you a taste of what the day was like.

Dad and Kaci and ? Goin' for a ride. Kaci loves to ride with Dad!

Bishop Palmer givin' some instructions to our Young Women

The Grocery (Candy) race for kids. Can you tell Blake LOVES candy????!!! Look at my LOAD!
The ribbon race - if they got a ribbon off a tail they earned a $1

Such Great food!!! and LOTS of it!!!

Hee Ya! Just watchin'!

More of The Obed's Ward Youth! We have such great Kids in Joe City!

Get ready, set, go...

Yeah... We won a $1!

Our young men!
The cow hide (rubber) race - a favorite!
Pie eating contest.... from this
to this....

Kaylee helpin' KK with her stick horse!
The stick horse coloring was a BIG hit!

Wheelbarrow grocery race!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Phone call...

Levi just flew out for Austrilla and we were able to talk to him for a little bit when he was at the airport. He sounded amazing! He was so into our kids and asked them questions - he said he is lovin' his mission and can't wait to get to Austrilla to share the gospel with those people. We are so proud of you Levi! Thanks for setting such a great example for our kids and us!

It's fair time...

Another year at the Navajo County Fair and this is what we did... HAD LOTS OF FUN!!!!!
This year was so fun, we all spent plenty of time at the fair. The kids watched the 4h auction, rode rides with cousins, ate cotton candy (Blake's favorite), checked out their projects, raced the race cars, rode the train, watched the demolition derby and more.... Here is a little more detailed info on each kid...
Bryson: Well his 4-H steer ended up being a little to mean to show at the fair - so this year we just supported the other 4H kids and their animals. Bryson was able to sell his steer to a friend of ours from Winslow to re coop his money and make a little. He entered a couple of drawings and took first places on them. He has a talent for drawing. He rode lots of rides, but didn't like the sick feeling he got after getting off. I was able to go into his school class this year and help them make some fair projects - they divided the class into groups of 4 and make something from: cardboard and paper, plastic, metal, and duct tape. They all place so high. Bryson's group had made the log cabin out of cardboard and paper - they took 1st place and even got Best of Show! He got to go to the Fair and do a scavenger hunt with his entire 6th grade class. They won $65.00 and will use the money for a class party! Good job Bryson!

Kaylee: She entered several drawings and paintings and took first and second place on them - they looked really cool. My favorite one she entered was an abstract painting that she made by blowing paint out of straws. She also made a bracelet - which took first place and got Best of Class. She is really talented on creating things like that! If we had time she would enter 1,0000000 things in the fair! I also went into her 4th grade class and helped them make scarecrows. We divided into two groups - the boys made a "Old west Outlaw" which took 2nd and the girls made an "I love the USA" scarecrow out of nontraditional things - like pvc pipe and milk jugs - they took first place. They will also use their money for a party! Way to go Kaylee! Kaylee loved the fair rides - nothing scares her and she doesn't get sick - she was CRAZY!

Blake: He entered several abstract paintings and earned 1st, 2nd and third place ribbons on them (he calls them tags). He also entered flowers, tomatoes and pigeons. He earned LOTS of tags - several blue, red and 1 white! He was so excited. He loved going on the rides and eating cotton candy - good thing he had some birthday money to help buy it!
Kaci: Kaci is the best little girl in the world and can handle just about ANYTHING! She just hung out where ever we were and was HAPPY. She even went to the rodeo on Saturday night with us. It was our date night so we went and had a fair food dinner, twister drinks (yummy), and watched the rodeo with Tonya and Kevin. It was a great night!
Here are a few fun pictures in no particular order...

Bryson's log cabin - took best of show and 1st place!!!! WOW!!!!

Kaci went on our date with us to the rodeo - she loved the "TWISTER" drinks, so did we!

The kids ribbons (tags) and art work - they did awesome!

Kaylee acting CRAZY on a ride!
Our boys - oh so handsome!
Me and Kaylee's classes scarecrow - an outlaw of the old west! My real date this night - was definitely a lot HOTTER!
Alan and Kaci with Kaylee's classes "I LOVE THE USA" scarecrow!
At the rodeo - Aunt Tonya had fun feeding Kaci her first lemons - she loved it and would give the cutest grins after each taste. It was fun being at the rodeo with Crosby's!

Kyler and Kaylee getting off the Zipper - these two never got sick on rides and kept on going...
Bryson and Kaylee getting ready for the "EXPERIENCE" they look a little nervous!
Dad and his little girl!
Love this picture...taken after the "EXPERIENCE" Bryson and Kadin were actually a little sick - the other two just posed for the picture. Luckily they never up chucked - just felt like it.

This was Dillan Robinson's Demolition car - he brought it by the house for our kids to see. It didn't look quite the same after the contest!
MMM MMM Good - Cotton Candy is his favorite!
All three kids on the slide. I even took Kaci down once - she loved it!
Another ride for the cousins!
Two sick boys getting off the Zipper!

Football update...

Bryson is about 3/4 way through his first football season. We're really proud of him for stickin' to it. He has learned to hit heard and take the hits! He's a tough kid - we're proud of you Bryson!

Kyler and Bryson - game day

Kaci is growin' up...

Kaci is growing up and lots is happening! She has been crawling EVERY WHERE and into EVERYTHING for the past 2 months, pulls up on furniture, cut 2 bottom teeth (just in the past 3 weeks), had a real haircut, waves hi and bye bye, says hi, da da, and mom and loves to eat ANYTHING! She is the center of EVERY ONE'S attention and she loves it!

I LOVE my Mommy!

Pulling off the Books AGAIN!!!

So So So Cute!
Again... SO SO SO CUTE!
Aunt Tonya back in June gave me my first hair cut on the sides, we left the top long so I could wear a pony tail... now it way to long so mom took the cutters to it!

Where's my HAIR???

Coloring with my best friend Blake!

Happy #4 Birthday Blake...

Happy Birthday to you! Blake loves his Birthdays!!! We woke him up early (before Alan left for Sunday meetings) and sang Happy Birthday to him, then let him open presents. Here are a few of the things he got...FP3 player (like an mp3 player but for kids - he loves it), Color wonder markers and books, Bug vacuum (he caught about 25 bumble bees from off our flowers that day in his vacuum - with Bryson and Kaylee's help), ScoobyDoo video (his favorite), money and more... HE WAS SPOILED! That evening after Alan got home, we had cake and ice cream for him with Crosby's family. He had to have Kelli over that day or it just wouldn't have been a good day. Blake - We are so thankful you were born 4 years ago. You have differently brought a lot of FUN and EXCITEMENT into our lives. We love you!
I'm a big 4 year old!
I LOVE Balloons!
Party with my family and my Crosby Cousins!
At the end day, Blake wanted to send a note to his cousin Aubrey - who lives in Heaven. He was so excited as he watched them float up. Later that evening he said... I bet Jesus and Aubrey got the balloons now and are happy. He sends Aubrey notes quite often!

Blakes starts preschool...

Today, September 2nd Blake went to his first day of preschool. He was so excited... FINALLY he gets to be like the BIG kids and goto school! (A few mom's in town are taking turns teaching each week on Tueaday and Thuraday for 2 hours) I was busy today, so Dad dropped him off. Dad even got a picture.... What a GREAT Dad!