Monday, November 24, 2008

What are we thankful for...

Tonight for FHE, We sat around the computer and all shared things we are thankful for... here they are in no particular order... We wanted to come up with atleast 100

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. House
  4. Apples
  5. Bryson
  6. Kaylee
  7. Blake
  8. Kaci
  9. Mom
  10. Dad
  11. Patch
  12. Grandparents
  13. Animals
  14. Oreo
  15. Chip
  16. Goats
  17. Sugar
  18. Food
  19. Warm Clothes
  20. Car
  21. Blankets
  22. Tv
  23. Bed
  24. Living in JoeCity
  25. Fish
  26. Awesome Bishop (Guess who said that)
  27. Great school teachers
  28. Clean house
  29. 4 wheeler
  30. Dirty House - cuz I know I have children
  31. Hand prints on walls
  32. Cows
  33. Flashlight
  34. Candles
  35. Home Teachers
  36. Gospel
  37. Jesus
  38. Computer
  39. Atonement
  40. Fridge and Freezer
  41. Soap
  42. Deodorant
  43. Stake Presidency
  44. Visiting Teachers
  45. Pens
  46. Money
  47. Vacations
  48. Treadmill
  49. Time with Family
  50. Guns
  51. Hotels
  52. Boats
  53. Birds
  54. Cousins
  55. Rabbits
  56. Aunts and Uncles
  57. Knives
  58. B-ball Hoops
  59. Games
  60. Footballs
  61. Good jobs
  62. Hair
  63. Milk
  64. Water
  65. Renters
  66. Pictures
  67. Hunting
  68. Swimming
  69. Fishing
  70. Running
  71. Our Bodies
  72. Vicky's Body (guess who said that)
  73. Heavenly Father
  74. Prayer
  75. Music
  76. Temple
  77. Our Obed Ward
  78. Church Leaders
  79. Scriptures
  80. Family Home Evening
  81. Blogs
  82. Rubber Bands
  83. Paper
  84. Disposal Diapers
  85. Drugs (like Tylenol etc...)
  86. Riding Horses
  87. Riding Bikes
  88. Board Games
  89. New Table
  90. Craigslist
  91. Ebay
  92. Books
  93. Cameras
  94. Phones
  95. Toothbrushes
  96. Floss
  97. Toothpaste
  98. Smiles
  99. Hugs
  100. Swing sets
  101. Tramp
  102. Chairs
  103. Couches
  104. Back Rubs
  105. Ice Cream
  106. Toys
  107. Laughter
  108. Candy
  109. Stores
  110. Santa Claus
  111. Snow
  112. Sledding
  113. Hills
  114. Chickens
  115. Babies
  116. Dish Washer
  117. American Flag
  118. Arizona
  119. America
  120. Police
  121. Days with no wind
  122. A beautiful Fall
  123. Days with wind - so we can fly kites
  124. Prophets
  125. Food Storage
  126. Electricity
  127. Light
  128. Night
  129. Sleep
  130. Garage
  131. Toilets
  132. Showers
  133. Faith in God
  134. Scouts
  135. Achievement Days
  136. Barn
  137. Goat Cheese
  138. Goat Milk
  139. Pencil Sharpeners
  140. Envelopes
  141. Mail
  142. Gas (The kind used in CARS)
  143. Big bath tub
  144. Trees
  145. Fruit
  146. Veges
  147. Hair Rubber bands
  148. Teeth
  149. Dentists
  150. Real Estate
  151. Doctors
  152. Life
  153. Life after Death
  154. Pumpkins
  155. Repentance
  156. Forgiveness
  157. Peaches
  158. Gum
  159. Plants
  160. Air
  161. Toliet Paper
  162. Paper
  163. Carpet

This was alot of fun.... we all just called out things and I typed as fast as I could - we are thankful for many things!

Funny Things said...

Yesterday, Kaylee was needing to get something out of our room - I told her she better NOT go into my closet - she of coursed asked why (Like she didn't know!!!) I told her that there are Christmas presents hid in there (She already knew that!!) and that if she found them Christmas might not happen this year! Bryson said "Don't worry about goin' in there Kaylee. ALL it is, is a tunnel dug to a coal mine"!!!

Grandpa and Grandma Baseball stop in for a visit...

I love that our kids have had the chance to get to know their Great Grandparents so well. They are amazing people and we love it it when they stop in for a visit! They were on their way to the Snowflake Temple.

B-Ball and Honey Taffy with G-ma

Grandma Palmer playin' Ball with the Grandkids...
Kaylee asked Grandma to help her make HONEY TAFFY...


Our Get away... with Kaci...

Okay... So Saturday was my B-day (#37) and my present... a getaway to the Bed and Breakfast in Snowflake Friday night. We love going there! Alan's mom watched our older 3 kids, but since Kaci is STILL NICELY ATTACHED... she came along! The rooms there are beautiful and the evening was Perfect! As I was downloading my pics - I realized I didn't even get a pic of me on my b-day - I'm always the one taking the pics - I better learn to pass the camera to someone else so future posterity know that I EVEN EXISTED! (Ha Ha)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bruise...

Dad and Mom ask? "What were you thinkin'?"!!!!!
Bryson came home from school yesterday with the NICE LITTLE PERFECTLY ROUND BRUISE right below his bottom lip! I guess him and some friends were taking an eraser (the kind that goes on the end of a pencil) and making it like a suction cup on their skin - way to go!!! It's going to look real nice for family pics that I hope to take for the holidays! Boys will be Boys and mine is ALL BOY!!! We love you Bryson!

Caught with the Chocolate...

Today, while I was busy cleaning - Kaci was enjoying herself...
I had just brought these nuts and chocolate chips home yesterday and had not yet put them away - Kaci found them opened the bag and ATE PLENTY!!!
Look what I found...

UH OH... I got caught...

Back for more...OH... These are SOOOOOO GOOD!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kristal Tagged me...

The rules: Answer the question using only one word. Then tag 4 others.

1.Where is your cell phone? bedroom
2. Your significant other? Alan
3. Your hair? wet
4. Your mother? Merna
5. Your father? Edd
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your favorite drink? diet
9. Your dream/goal? Eternallife
10. The room your in? kitchen
11. Your hobby? blogging
12. Your fear? None
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? JoeCity
14. What your not? Singer
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. One of your wish list items? sectional
17. Where you grew up? Pima
18. The last thing you did? shower
19. What are you wearing? pajamas
20. Favorite gadget? camera
21. Your pets? horses
22. Your computer? fun
23. Your mood? sleepy
24. Missing someone? Mom
25. Your Car? Yukon
26. Something you're not wearing? shoes
27. Favorite Store? target
28. Favorite Word? Love
29. Your favorite color? Rainbow
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? unknown

I tag...Kami, Kourtney, Jessica and Maryann

Coloring Lessons...

Tonight Kaylee decided to teach Kaci how to color... and she actually got it! She wanted to hold ALL the markers (The kind that only color on special paper - thankfully) and would do a little Grunt if they tried to take one away from her. When it was time to put them away... she threw a little (BIG) fit! Oh no... these little fits are starting to happen a little more often... We might be in for some trouble!

Blake wanted to get in on the Coloring...

A Work of Art...

Storytime with Grandma...

Grandma Palmer (Alan's Mom) is up for the week visiting - last night for FHE she told stories. She is such a great storyteller and had EVERYONE'S attention! We love our Grandma!

Oh So Cute... Little Steps

Kaci is walking... Sunday she took 2 steps and today she is up to 5 steps. I love it - she gets so excited - and EVERYONE must clap for her when she's done or she scowls at us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is it a fast day or slow day?

Today, during Sacrament meeting, Blake asked "Mom, is it a fast day or slow day?" I kind of could figure out what he meant so I said " I guess it's a slow day" He said "GOOD!!!" and I asked "Why?" - His reply... "Because on Fast day - we don't get any candy from Dad's Bishop's office" What a KID!!!

Just one more Ride...

Yesterday, Dad took Kaci ridin' - SHE LOVED IT! In fact, she threw a little (BIG) fit when she had to get off!
Daddy's Little COWGIRL!

Yesterday Morning we woke up to this...

OOPS! The sprinkler's were left on over night! Our Kids sure were excited to see this and had fun seeing who could get the longest ice sickle!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not NEW, but NEW to me...

Today I got a new Table (New to me) and I LOVE IT! I Found it on Craigslist and had to drive to Cottonwood to get it - but it was worth it. I think it looks great!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a Beautiful Site...

Taken' from our back porch. I love this World we live in!


Okay... A couple of days ago, Blake was takin' a bubble bath in our tub and prity soon I hear " HO HO HO come here Mom... I have a present for you"!!! He was tryin' to act like Santa! I think he added a few EXTRA bubbles when I was out of the room! So Cute!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Our Kids have worked all day (Veterans Day) on their Forts at the bottom of our property!
Kaylee and Kason workin' hard...
Dad Helpin' out a little...
Posin' for a quick pic!

Searchin' thru the Junk Pile...

Kaylee diggin'


Okay... so my husband is Addicted! He has finally been convinced that we DON'T Need to have a GAZILLION Horses around our place... THEY EAT TOO MUCH, so instead... He's turned to Goat's! He is just addicted to animals! But like I said... there are worse addictions! I give him a hard time about all his animals, but the TRUTH Is... I like them as much as he does! We now have 4 goats(Uncle max just gave us 3 more), but only 5 horses!

Our growing Goat Herd...
When we were in the Valley this past weekend - while driving around, we ran into Alan's Stud Horse he sold last year - it was fun seeing him and Blake even went for a ride! He is such a nice horse!

Kids say the funniest things...

This past weekend, Alan and I and the two little kids went to Phoenix to watch the Joe City/Pima f-ball playoff game (We don't need to talk about who won - obviously not who I was hoping for) anyways... Blake really wanted to stay home with the sitter so to try and make it a little more fun for him... We spoiled him a little. One thing we did was got him HOOKED on Slurpee Drinks from 7-11. On Saturday afternoon - he wanted one BAD and of course we couldn't find a 7-11 ANYWHERE... so as we were looking, a SAD LITTLE FACE looked up and said "You know little kids can go to Heaven if they don't get anything to drink" Of course... we got a good laugh and after he got his drink he said "I'm so glad I didn't go to Heaven" We are too Blake!

Okay... this is a few days later, but I just have to add this so I remember... Blake today said the funniest thing. We were in a store and of course it's bathroom was broke - and we were DESPERATE, so we went next door to a tanning salon to use theirs. As we walked to the very back of the store, Blake asked "What are those things?" referring to the tanning beds. I said " They are things that help tan people" He of course asked " What does tanning mean?" I said "It turns people brown" He looked surprised and said "I wish they had something that turned people blue - I want to be blue!" Such a silly KID!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Velcro...

Just a little FYI... the picture below is from a few weeks ago.... He is actually BALD now as you can see in this pic above! We call him Velcro because everything sticks to his head!