Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This was Brysons welcoming home party on Friday

They were jumping up and down right in the middle of the street when we got home. Blake and Kaci gave Bryson lots of hugs.  Kaylee was gone but was sure anxious to see him later that evening. I think it was the first time ever that I have returned home from being gone for a length of time and not be the center of my younger kids attention - bryson was the one they wanted to see.  I loved it-so sweet and caring! Blake and Kellie even had a cheer...."1 2 3 Welcome Home Wildcat"!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

183. The Sabbath

I love Sunday - so thankful for a day to rest, reflect and regroup for the coming week.
184. The Sacrament-Bryson had 2 friends both Priests in our Ward bring the sacrament to him. What a wonderful experience for all of us. They did this with such reverence.
185. Service - We had several acts of kindness performed for us today. Dinner, cake, brownies, and a very famous peach pie (Bryson even said he might break his other arm sometime to get another pie) ha ha he better be joking! Everything brought to us was very delicious and very much appreciated. The Elders even came and ate dinner with us. Busy Busy day!
186. Teachers Quorum - they came during priesthood to visit and even taught the lesson here in our home with Bryson. So cool -
187. Amazing Teachers Quorum leaders - that think to do such nice things!
188. My Heavenly Father - This past week I have shed many tears - there were 2 procedures that they did by the bed side - that brought on such intense pain for Bryson that even though he was strong - I cried and cried - I would have to walk away for a bit then return to him - I would go back and forth because I could not bear to watch him in so much pain. Made me so Eternally grateful for the willingness of our Heavenly Father to allow our Savior Jesus Christ to bear the most intense pain - un describable pain that I can not even imagine. Even though Heavenly Father new it was what needed to happen - I am with out dought that he suffered and cried and wanted to take it away for him - I am so Eternally in Debt that he allowed it to happen.
189. Tears - because if they could not flow freely - my head would have exploded by now!
190. Two awesome Home care nurses - The hospital would not allow us to leave until we had someone that could take care of Bryson's would vac and change his dressing on the graft. They wanted home care to be involved buy Flagstaff was short staffed and Showlow would not go past Holbrook. So we called 2 great ladies in our ward - nurses. Today they came and worked for 2 hours - and were amazing! Thank you!!! They even brought doughnuts, twix and watermelon Arizona - he was thrilled! We could not have asked for any better service!
191. Patriarchal Blessings -

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Count your many blessings name them one by one...

177. Home
178. Visitors
179. Children
180. Blessings
181. Gratitude
182. Beautiful World and Beautiful weather

Been home for almost 24 hours now. It's been a good day - pain meds have kept pain under control. So thankful

Friday, March 23, 2012

Heading home...

I have lots to post but it Will have to wait till later.  But I do have to say....I have one incredible son! Alan and I are proud to be his parents! He is amazing! He went through some tough procedures today with high pain and handled it so well!

175. Discharge papers!

176. Panda express (his first meal out of the hospital)

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Waiting ......

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A few more blessings before bed..

168. Scriptures

169. Goldfish crackers and sprite (a staple for Bryson after surg)

170. Hospital workers..all of them people who take out trash, etc...

171. Night!

172. Phone calls home!

173. Medical advancements

174. Hope! The hope that we are going home tommorow!

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Surgery #4

They went ahead and put him all the way under.  Took about 20 min for the procedure.  Dr said it looks good.  Won't know for sure if it totally takes till next visit but he is sure It well. Looks like we Will be going home tommorow with a would vac and home nurse visit.

166. Home!

167. Walk-Alan and I took a 15 min walk during surg.  Weather was beautiful and it felt so good to get outside.

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161. brothers, sisters, cousins

Bryson has recieved colored pictures, notes and gifts from home.  Blake sent a gift of wide assortment...everything from a harmonica, money, Clifford the big red dog book, etc....Bryson smiled as I placed all the suprises out on the table in front of him!

162. Smiles from complete strangers

163. Children's smiles

164. Angry Birds

165. Trials -that we learn lessons from our trials even when most of the time we do not realize those lessons until farther down the road.

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160. PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the OR at 4:00 today

Just talked to the doctors. They will be taking him into operating room at 4 to evaluate, re dress wound and replace the suction tube to the wound vac (the machine that suctions out fluid from wound). We have been told at least 1 more nights stay. We will also have a home healthcare nurse come in regular to our home to help with wound vac.


I came down for breakfast -trying to let Alan and Bryson sleep a little longer. Alan slept (if you can say that) in the chair last night so he could use a good morning nap.

159. Fun Cafateria workers. -this is the man that cooked my omlet this morning.  He was so happy and fun. He put on quite the show -flipped my omlet up in the air spun around flipped it again.  Fun to watch and made me smile.  Just shows how important attitude matter what you do for a living or in life, you can touch people just by your actions and attitude.

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158. Happy times

I had to give my men a hard time....why is it that Dad can get the biggest smile :). But I don't really care who made it come....just thankful that It's there!

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Slept well!

Waiting to see Dr. -we have no idea when that Will be.  Nurse just told us nothing to eat/drink  just in case they go back to OR. Sure hope not!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

157. Movies

Bryson has watched all these movie atleast once during his hospital stay..

Every Harry Potter movie


Capt America


Kung fu Panda

Finding Nemo

And more.......

158.  Date night- Alan and I took 30 min and went on a dinner date to of all places the hospital Cafateria.

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156. unlimited texting..

I checked and Bryson has recieved over 2000 texts. Even if he hasn't responded to all of them...he has enjoyed getting them! That's a lot of texts in a short amount of time!

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Back at the hospital..

I made it safe back to the hospital.  Bryson is in great spirits - lots of joking around and smiles. So good to see!

153. Great truck breaks

154. Medical insurance

155.  Safe trip

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148. Aunts and Uncles

149. Grandpas and Grandmas

150. Watermelon Arizona's and cookies and cream candy bars (both Bryson's fav)

151. Banana bread

152. Smiles

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Another visitor

Another cute little visitor.  Fun!

147.  Ability to wash hair.  Brysons hair has  been washed -yeah!

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144. Spa treatment

Kaci spoiled me this morning with some royal spa treatment. Complete with, foot massage, nail polish, perfume, hair brushing and to top it off a purple flower for my hair

145. Individual parent-child time

146. Brysons kindness-he sent all his balloons stuffed animals and toys back to the kids at home.  The little kids were so excited.  Kaci has carried around her get well balloon and little stuffed dog all morning.  She named it coconut. 

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Sweet suprise. Sweet treat!

133. The warm brownies, ice cream and sweet note that welcomed us home last night (from an unknown angel)

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our kids at home...

Loved the excitment from the kids when they saw me.  Kaci was asleep but she sure was happy this morning

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Blessings/Tender Mercies Cont...

119. Seeing my other children - hugging them!
120. Joseph City - feel so blessed to lives here - I love this place, the people, the lack of traffic, the schools, the scenery, everything!
121. Bryson has an amazing Dad that will take care of him while I am gone.
122. That we have a loving Heavenly Father that takes care of us while we are gone from him!
123. My Eyes - met a blind man on the elevator at the hospital.
124. Optimism - I said to this blind man "Hi, how is your day" his reply "WONDERFUL!" even though he has a 9 month old daughter in the hospital who was having severe seizures and they don't know why.
125. Teachers Quorum and others who are taking care of chores while we are gone.
126. Morgan's Smile
127. Bryson's smile and laugh
128. The ability to travel - cars, roads, helicopters, fuel
129. My testimony and my ability to share it!
130. Bryson's gratitude/kindness
131. Visitors
132. offers from so many to help in any way!

A Post from my home computer...

Yes... I am home! I came home yesterday. I needed to be with our other kids for a night, hug them and love on them! Alan stayed with Bryson -we will see if he gets a foot massage while I am gone! :) I'm so blessed to have such a great husband - and my children a great Dad. I know he will be well taken care of (even if maybe a foot massage does not happen).

Update from yesterday (Tuesday)
Morgan was going to be released from the hospital yesterday. The Dr's told them this at 1 pm and at 4 pm they were still waiting to be discharged. I went and said goodbye before I got on the road. She was sleeping by her mom in the bed. I wish I had a picture (She is the most beautiful little girl!!). I had a neat opportunity at this time to share my Testimony to the 3 of them. I let them know that I know miracles can happen, that I have seen them happen. That prayer is powerful and Heavenly Father loves us all - he wants to helps us. And if he wants Morgon to be completely healed she will be and if not he will bear them up and support them so that they can handle the trials that come their way. I bore testimony of temples - talking about the prayer roll - I asked if I could put their names on that roll (they were thankful). I told them I loved them and to hang in there and that we would keep in touch!

It was a neat experience for me, the words that I said to them there in the hospital room seemed to just flow out of my mouth. I know that the spirit was guiding in me what to say and it felt so good!

They are waiting to hear from the Tumor Board as to what they feel will be best... but they have been told that the answer might just be wait for 12 weeks and re eval the tumor with another MRI to see if it has grown. Right now... they go home with pain meds to help alleviate the headaches that are caused by tumor. This family has been a so good for us and for Bryson!

Update on Bryson -
We are still playing the waiting game. Pain is still an issue but meds help a ton! - I guess normally a person with this type of injury and surgery have a block placed in their arm to totally block out pain. Becasue of his bleeding issues - they are not able to use the block - and even IV and oral pain meds are limited. The nurses have been so impressed with Bryson - because overall the amount of pain meds he has asked for has been on the low side - compared to what he could be taking.

When I said goodbye to Bryson... I kissed him on the forehead and said "I love you!" He kind of smiled and raised his eyebrows at me... so I said " SAY.... I LOVE YOU" he did, then he looked up at me and whispered "Thank you"! Made my day!

Wed Morning - The Dr. came in this morning. They will take off all bandages tomorrow and re eval the graft. Our understanding is that if all looks good - he might be able to come home then. Yeah! It will be so good to have our entire family back together!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bryson's toy...

Thought the kids at home would like this.

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blessings/Tender mercies cont...

115. A trip outside the hospital

116.  Our beautiful world.

117. The nice people at the apple store that is fixing Alan's ipad that I messed up (at no charge)

118. GPS so I don't get lost while driving.

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A suprise visitor...

We all loved our little visitor!  Her name is Bella and she comes and visits at the hospital once per week.  What a great service she provides to help cheer up people!

110.  Family

111.  Animals

112.  Hospital volunteers (including dogs)

113. The joy of watching my son eat  a snickers bar!

114.  Media...that keeps all of our minds busy...phones, ipads etc...

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Nothing better than ice cream and snickers for a mid morning snack.

Alan's brother Phillip and his family came to visit. Because children are not allowed upstairs, I had the chance of staying with my neece and nephews.  I spoiled them with ice cream and sprinkles.  They had fun going for a ride in the wagon!  Bryson enjoyed his snickers bar Uncle Phil  and Aunt Kristy brought him!

(If my kids at home are reading this...don't worry I promise I Will spoil you with ice cream when I get home.....miss you love you!)

Update on Morgan.  Just talked to Andy...she cried for a while this morning.  The tumor is causing headaches. Please keep her in your prayers!

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Just had to post it...

This was a note written on top of a plate of cookies that were brought to Bryson.

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A Balloon for Morgan....

When Andy and Morgan left our room. Alan told her he would be down in a bit to give the blessing. I asked if her husband would be ok with this and even suggested that she go and give him a heads up as to what's going to happen.  After Alan came back he said... They've been prepared for this.  They shared with Alan  that they have a very good friend from Kingman whose dad was a LDS Bishop.  This Bishop passed away 4 years ago from cancer.  later after the blessing, I took a get well balloon down to her. Andy said look...and showed me a text.  She had just texted her LDS friend to tell her that a Bishop found them and gave Morgan a blessing.  The friends reply text read "that my dad working up there" the little family was so happy last night.

108.  Heavenly Father prepares people in advance for us to share the Gospel.

109. Family and friends that have passed on to the next life..are still involved in our lives here!

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Bryson slept good for the most part.  Alan was on night duty so  he woke up and helped him while I got to sleep.   Drs came In Several times during the night to observe his hand.  They were able to adjust his wrapping so the swelling has gone down a little.  We are anxious to see the surgeon this morning. I'll keep you updated.


102. Sleep

103. Alan

104. Family

105. Friends

106. That we have our own trials and not someone elses

107.  Breakfast in bed...brought to me by Alan :)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Blessings for Morgan and Bryson.

Alan and AJ were able to give both of them blessings.  I was helping Bryson so I didn't go with them for Morgans blessing, but Alan said the spirit was strong and that he feels all Will be good that her body would mend and all Will be ok. 

They gave  Bryson A blessing also..

After the blessing I had the sweet assurance that he would completely recover and mend..that the swelling would resolve and that drs would know what to do.  But I also felt that sometimes getting to that stage of complete healing takes a lot of pain, work and plenty of concern.  That's when we rely on our Savior to help us make it through.

97. My Savior, that he know our pain and knows how to comfort us!

98. The swelling is slightly down.

99. That we met new friends with the Schmidt family (Mike Andy and Morgan

100. The Holy Ghost

101. It's bed time...and I am so ready!

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Swelling of hand and arm

Tonight we have had some concern because of severe swelling in the hand  and arm.  Drs have come in and evaluated and the surgeon was called.  They had to loosen his bands around the site -very painful. He shot up to a 10 in pain.  He didn't cry..I did. I wish I could go thru this for him!  They are taking blood and trying to figure out what to do.

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A beautiful little girl named Morgan.....

We had a special experience tonight.  When I was returning from getting a bite to eat, in our hallway was the cutest little girl and her mom walking around. I stopped and talked. They were so friendly - sweet people from kingman. We talked and shared stories of why we were here.  I gave the little girl some so so sweet! Found out Morgan is here because of a brain tumor.  Back in January she had a tumor removed.  After that surg she lost all function on one side of her body, but with therapy she had all function return.   But a few days ago, her mom saw some concerns.  They brought her back in and.....another tumor.  The last tumor was not cancer and they don't believe this one is either, but the problem is, is its location.  If they go in and remove it. She Will for sure loose one side of her body with no chance of recovery.  Tommorow a team of neurologists are flying in from across the country to evaluate her case and make a decision.  After we were done talking, she asked if she could come meet my son.  I introduced them to Alan and Bryson.  It was amazimg to see this small child wave and say hi to Bryson and then to see my son raise his hand and gently wave back.  So sweet! She shared with Alan and Bryson what was going on with Morgan. Alan explained to her that he is a Bishop for our church and that he holds the priesthood, the power of God here on earth to act in his name and said that he could give her a blessing if she would like.  She immediatley said sure.  Alan explained that he needs to find another man that holds the priesthood to help. As soon as he said that, Alan recieved a text. It was from AJ Taylor. He and Lindsey had been at our room 30 min earlier bringing dinner.  His text read " hey bishop! We are just leaving the hospital. Is there anything you need before we go?". Coincidence...I think not!

Blessings/Tender Mercies

89.  Friends who not only spoil us with dinner, but more importantly. Listen to the spirit!

90.  Morphine and loritab.  His pain is finally back down and he is asleep.

91. The priesthood!

92. A husband that honors his priesthood and listens to the promptings of Spirit.

93.  That I am able to give my son foot rubs to help get his mind off pain

94. Surgeons that respond quickly in trying to eleviate sweeling.

95. Stat! Blood draw results can be tested right here in hospital and results quickly determined.

96. People that donate blood (even though I hope we don't need it)

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Not sure how I got the Christmas tree pic in there...I guess I needed to post this....



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little red wagons....

All over the hospital we see little kids riding in these wagons.  I don't think Bryson Will fit in one though :)

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hospital room number and view from his room...

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here are some pictures of the Cafateria

This is where I get food sometimes.  There is some yummy food here.

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here are the animal pictures.....

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pictures for the kids at home...

Blake, I heard you were sad. I thought that I could show you some fun pictures of the hospital that you might enjoy.  Kaci and kaylee youll enjoy them too I think.  There are 8 floors on this hospital.  On each floor.they have a statue of a different animal.  See if you can name each animal.

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oops I forgot to post the pics.

88. A great Aunt that holds a little 7 year old boy and gives him hugs as he cries

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more pictures...

Here is a picture of the rocks that the surgeon had to clean out of his arm.  That's one of the reasons the first surg took so long...because it was so dirty.  When we showed Bryson the rocks, he informed us that as he layed their at the sight of the accident he picked out several rocks from the wound himself.  I'm telling you......Dang I have one very tough kid!

The other picture is of the xray taken right after first surg.  You can see where the bone is missing.

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The Hospital Room

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Blessings/Tender Mercies

77. Out of recovery. Surg went well. Still sleeping.  Sleep is a great blessing for him!

78. The sun.  It shined so Alan could get back on the road and get to us.  I love the sun!

79. Got to eat some lunch/breakfast while he was in Surgrey.  Cafateria here at the hospital has good food.

80. The nice young man in the Cafateria that was cooking my food could tell that I was having a hard time.  He spoke up and told me "everything is going to be alright...that's what they do here, they help kids and it Will be ok" at that point I really started to cry.  He asked me my name and said "vicky, I am going to pray for you...this is just a test your going through have faith and it Will be ok" what a sweet young man that would offer words of comfort to a tearful mom and have the courage to talk about prayer and Faith to a complete stranger.  It meant the world to me!

81. Wonderful anestheologists that keep him asleep and wake him up after surgrey!

82. Life!

83. A wonderful bro/sis n law that's Willing to keep my kids all week.

84.  The sweet texts from Kaylee that show love and concern for Bryson.

85. Phone call from Blake expressing love to us.

86.  This blog is one of my greatest has blessed my life to look at all the blessings around me.  We are so blessed!

87. Phone calls/texts to us from friends/family

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My handsome husband is here!

76.  I got hugs!

Still waiting to see Bryson.

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Surgrey #3 is in progress....

Dr. Reece from plastics said the goal for todays surg is the skin graft.  The Will take skin from the side of his bottom and also use sometype of artificial skin to cover the wound.  Alan still is on his way down.  He should be here before surg is done but he got stuck in flag in a blizzard.  I was able to get some much needed food and now I'm just waiting in the surg waiting area.  He was famous back in the surg pre op area.  Several nurses were there that were excited to see him again.  They teased him about making them get out of bed at 1 in the morning to come in for surg Saturday.  They have been so good to him and me!

The picture is of him being taken back for surg.  My heart.was breaking for him when he went back....the pain had really spiked!  I can't even begin to describe how tough he is! He is one amazing young man and I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to be his mom!

Blessings/Tender Mercies

74.  Dr just came out.  All went well.  Hope to see him soon.  They covered the wound with artificial skin then with his own skin.  Dr. thinks the pain on his bottom Will feel more like road rash...just because he Will be concentrating more on the greater pain on his arm.  They Will keep the pump on him for 4 days them take a look to see if the graft took fine.

75.  Yes!! Alan is in the parking lot.  He Will be with us when he wakes up.  I need a hug and can't wait!

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73. Big colorful balloons and  stuffed animals that brighten up his room given to him from family! Thank you!

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update on bleeding issues....

just talked to the head of hemotology.  They are so good and knowledgable here on Von Willibrands disease and low Fibrinogen ( his clotting issues). They are going to check his levels right now prior to surg and are very prepared if bleeding turns out to be a problem.  I feel real good about things....he Will go through it just fine I am sure.  He Will be leaving this room shortly for surg prep.  It's now noon.

72.  Doctors with amazing knowledge that are calm and confident!

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Plans for Surgery #3

I talked to a team of 5 drs this morning. Their plan is that they hope to start the skin graft today with the plastc drs.  They Will be waiting for a few weeks on a bone graft.  If the bone shows signs of filling in the 1/2 inch gap on its own he might not need the bone graft. If it does not fill in then that surg Will be a few weeks down the road.    We believe in miricles....have seen so many in our lives so I know if Heavenly Father wants it to heal on its own it well.  If not, I totally trust these drs and if a surg is needed for that all Will still be good.


67. morphine and Benadryll! He was in pain and was given these meds at 9:40 and by 9:55 he was asleep. 

68. Heavenly Father calmed the weather and cleared the roads.  Alan is on his way and I need him!

69. A friend from high school showed up with delicious and warm choc chip cookies.  They are delicious! (its not a blessing that because they taste so good I might gain 5 pounds by eating them all myself!)

70.  This hospital is the coolest!  Someone just brought a little puppy by to visit us.  Bryson was asleep so he missed it.  They said they Will be back.

71.  Prayer! I love that any where I am at I can pray...even kneeling on the floor up against a hospital bed.  I love my Heavenly Father. he knows who I am and hears and answers my prayers!

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we had a good night

The night went well.  Slept till 4:30 them woke up for half hour them back to sleep till 8.  bryson is still sleeping.  I hope he sleeps quite a bit this morning because he can't eat or drink because surg is at 1:00.  Alan said it is sunny at home and roads are open.  He is trying to be here by 1.


65. Not only did he smile, but a little later while texting he laughed.

66. At 4:30 this morning they had him stand so they could change his sheets.  I was able to wash him down with a wash cloth.  That would have been his first bath (if you could call it that) since Friday.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

63. Yeah. They found a way to get the pump up and running.

64. Going to bed 11:15 pm for Much needed rest!

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The Pump...

The pump that run out of batteries is important because it keeps the blood from pulling in the wound site.  And I guess blood is a breeding ground for bacteria.  Still is not working.  The hospital gets it from an outside sourse and they called them and for some reason they can not get another one from them till after lunch tommorow.  They are trying to hunt one down somewhere here in the hospital.  The Dr. (surgeon) is on the hunt now.  Hope they get one soon.....frustrating!

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worthy of 1 final post before bed!

62.  I have been so sad not to see a smile....but I was out in the hall and walked in and Bryson was looking at his phone shaking his head saying "Grub Grub Grub"  bryson shared the text..comments about where to get the graft from and why!  And then it happened a SMILE! Thank you Grub this Mom needed to see that tonight before bed! I'm thankful that you are friends and for your wise cracks you send his way.  Keep it coming he needs them and so do i!

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last post till tommorow (i think)

blessings/TM cont....

43.  Friend and nurse who made extra special efforts in getting medical records I needed!

44. The room Bryson is in has a great bed for me and it's even comfortable.

45. I got 6 hours of sleep last night and hoping for atleast that tonight.

46. Doctors and nurses that not only have knowledge but have people skills and show so much kindness.

47.  Phones so I can tell my kids and husband I love them before bedtime!

48. Prayer.  Not only that I can pray for my own child but also for the children I hear cry down the hall.

49. My amazing and very tough boy! He has not cried once.  I even told him I would still think he is tough if he cries.  He comforts me when I cry.

50.  Texts from friends I know I have already shared that but its the only thing right now that has brought any emotion of happiness.

51. Bryson's kindness he shows me! Like being concerned that I need rest or telling me mom.....go eat! I am so thankful he's my son! I'm a proud mom!

52. I'm thankful that I know someday he Will smile again and I can't wait!

53. A kind call to Bryson from Elder Dave LaSueur an Area Seventy for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Of which we are thankful to be a member of!

54.  A gift bag brought to use this evening with some very yummy things....Bryson loved the popcorn and MnM's which he ate and watched Harry Potter.

55. A nurse that is able to read sign language so when I walk out in the hall every 60 seconds blinking my hands.....she knows his alarm is going off again.  We are on our 3rd IV machine.  We also are pump that is draining his wound...battery died and YES another alarm went off. 

56.   Modern technology

57.  friend gave me the idea to update everyone on a blog.  This has been good for me emotionally.

58. A husband that I can't wait to see tommorow!

59. A blessing is all my blessings! I feel very blessed tonight I am so thankful to everyone and especially to my Savior Jesus.Christ whom I love and whom can truly understand and help Bryson the most!

60.   that it is after 8 which means I might get some sleep soon.

61.  Brysons more foot massage before bed!

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Surgrey #2

Well after the first surg we were under the impression that the next would be on Monday.  But Sat night at 1130 plastic surg came in.  They are very worried about infection so they wanted to go back in Sunday morning to clean it out again, cut away dead tissue and muscle and make sure all is ok.  The surg took 1 hour and he woke up a lot quicker this time.  They did take out dead tissue and even worked on some damaged nerves.  he has a little nerve damage that is causing finger numbness they thinly it will eventually come back.  It only a little numb mostly the thumb. But as of right now there is no infection in there.  He is receiving 2 diff types of antibiotics often during the day.  Next surgery will ne Monday at 1. They are not quite sure what will happen then....maybe just a clean out, maybe starting the graft that it will take to cover up the softball size open wound, or maybe a bone graft from his hip to fill in about 1/2 inch of bone that is missing in one of his arm bones. Our prayers are that they will know what to do.  A team of orthapedic drs will be looking at his case in the morn prior to surg.


30. I have to say...our greatest blessing is that we still have Bryson around to have surgeries! We are so thankful it was not any worse!

31.  texts bryson has received from friends.  He does not talk much...but when he wakes up from his drug induced naps...the first thing he asks for is his phone.  Those texts have meant the world to him! He has such great friends and we are very thankful for all of you!

32. My sister who brought food and Sat with me during today's surg....Alan is stuck in Flag from the storm...were praying that weather is calmed and he can get here tommorow.

33.  A daughter who packed a great bag of clothes and friends whom brought them to me.

34.  A shower for me In Brysons hospital room

35.  A bro n law whom brought food and gave me a sweet blessing of comfort.

36.  Family that brought Panda Express to a starved boy and his mom.

37. Life...our lives are a blessing!

38.conference talk

39.  Phone calls from family/friends!

40.  Our other 3 kids at home...their wellingness to help out, go with the flow, not complain and pray! Love you and miss you!

41.  That they were able to change out his iv during this last surg to a better one in a better place.  He can now finally use his right hand.  We had lots of iv problems last night.

42. Friends who bring homemade spagetti to the same starved boy.

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more blessings/tender mercies

17.  Alan made it back home to be with our other children (on very little sleep)

18.  My brother who stayed with me till the helicopter left and whom gave me advice to not get sick in flight (he use to fly helicopters).

19.  A sister/bro who meet is on Phx as we landed

20.  Angels who cleaned a dirty house

21. More angels who brought foo

22. And more that have called, prayed and offered help.

23.  Temples..Brysons name is on 3 prayer rolls

24.  Fasting and prayer from so many

25. So many family/friends whom just take over and take care of kids, etc...

27. A friend whom sends a text to remind me to look for blessings from my Heavenly Father (even though thinking of those blessings has kept me in tears most of the day)

28.  Bryson would say...foot massages from mom are a great blessing ( I'm just worried that he will start to expect them daily after he is well too):)

29.  Because this is a children's hospital...they have several stations on tv with great clean movies...allday/night long!

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surgery #1.

He finally went into surgery around 2 am.  It was suppose to take 1.5 hours but ended up taking 4 hours.  The apparatus he has on his arm will be there for 6 to 8 weeks.  He had a very difficult time waking up from surg.  Took 3 hours to wake up...we assured him that he was fine because it takes a lot to wake him at home in the mornings and that's without drugs and little sleep


Blessings/tender mercies-

13.  The surgeon whom did the surgery belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We ended up knowing some of the same people.  He was very caring.  It was a comfort to know that the man working on our child understood the power of prayer....and we knew he would use it!

14.  Modern medicine!

15.  Pain killers to help keep pain somewhat under control.

16.  Benadryll to help stop his itching from so many narcotics

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The Helicopter ride....

So thankful for the decision. To air vac us to phx.  The ride went smooth and fast! When we got to the we in phx a crew of 15 plus Dr and nurses went to work.  I have never seen so many people work on someone! They were great!

Blessings/tender mercies-

10.  Mom didn't get sick on helicopter

11. Dad drove to phx safely on little sleep.

12. Phx Dr's that are very knowledgable about Bryson's bleeding conditions (he has 2 issues that keep him from clotting properly)

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