Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom Hubbard

I just wanted to tell my Parents... Happy Anniversary! 48 years WOW!!! Thanks for setting such a GREAT example for us. I'm so thankful that you two chose each other! I love you!

Our ELDER goes UNDER...

DOWN UNDER.... Alan's little bro Levi is leaving for a mission to Austrialia. In fact... he reports to the MTC today. This past weekend we went down to Thatcher to listen to him talk in church and enjoy being together as a family before he left. All 10 of Alan's brothers and sisters with their family were there. It was great fun! We even survived family pictures. We are so proud of Levi and the example he is setting for our boys. He will be a GREAT missionary!

Levi and Bryson

One of our Family shots...

What's Levi doin'... just Goofin' I guess..

Trying to keep Kaci happy for pictures!

It's Game TIME...

Bryson had his first football game (Scrimmage) against Heber last week. Their team did well. He is LOVIN' Football! We're proud of him for hangin' in there! F-ball is a rough sport as you can see by the bruises! He's doin' a great job and plays on the line as a starting guard. Bryson played a great game, but after the game he did something that made me even prouder - I must brag about my boy! The team had oranges during half time and had left a bunch of orange peels all over the ground. After the game was over, I heard Coach ask them to pick up the peels so they didn't leave a mess. Bryson was the only player that kneeled down and picked up ALL the peels. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but as I stood on the side line and watched this... I COULD NOT have been any more proud of my son!

Heber Scrimmage

Showin' off his Battle Wounds! These are just a few...

He has PLENTY of them!

Happy Anniversary to US!

August 15, 1995

13 YEARS of TRUE BLISS! Okay... so I will admit there has been a few bumps in the road, but thanks to those bumps and all our experiences over the past 13 years... I'm more in love with Alan today than on our Wedding Day. I had no idea how great of a man I was getting. We celebrated our anniversary by going away to Snowflake for the weekend (of course Kaci came with us) We were able to goto the temple, dinner and then stayed over in a Hotel. It was great! Thanks Alan for 13 wonderful years! I Love YOU!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rope em up Cowboys...

This summer Alan has actually had the chance to rope more than he ever has - Levi has been here and they have had fun playin' in the arena. Before, he left Joseph City, they had to rope JUST ONE MORE TIME! Who's the HOTTIE on the HORSE?
Levi ropin' on OREO!
Grandpa, Grandma and Travis came to help Levi
go back home. It was fun to have them visit.

Yes! I actually believe they did tie it down!

WoW! I have a GOOD LOOKIN' Husband!
(Our anniversary is this Friday - 13 years)

OKAY... So I have been BAD and have not updated my blog for awhile. I am now up to date - if you're interested in our lives over the past 2 months you might want to click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page to see more things!

Scool is OFFICIALLY Back in session...

Today was the first day of scool - Summer went way to FAST! Bryson is in Mrs. Elmer's class (6th grade), Kaylee is in Mrs. Balda's class (4th grade). They were both excited to start a new year. Bryson, Kaci and I were sad to see them go... We LOVE having them home with us. Alan started his 8th year teaching Seminary in Joseph City today - he gets to teach his Nephew Bryce Crosby this year. Bryson is playing football (only 2 6th graders on the 7th grade team). It will be a fun year i'm sure!
Lookin' SHARP in the school clothes Grandpa and Grandma bought!
The Little Kids missed the Big Kids today (so did I)
Lookin' TOUGH! (Just got his pads today)What a Cuttie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Alan turned 37 on July 5th. His only wish for the day was that he be able to work all day outside doin' whatever he wanted. Poor guy... didn't quite happen that way - but we still hope his day was ok.


I love VACATIONS! Alan say's I would stay on vacation all the time if we could manage it.... and he's probably right! It's just so fun to be able to get away and spend quality time together. This year we stayed in AZ... Here was our agenda...

One night in Flagstaff
One night of camping and fishing and swimming in the creek
The rest of the time at a resort in Phoenix where we lived in the pool.

As you can see by the pictures... it was a GREAT time!

Fishin' with Dad (We caught so many trout)!

Stoppin' for a pose!

Dad and his cute 2 girls!

Fisherman Bryson (HE LOVES TO FISH!)

Going to Jump from the Cliff!

Oak Creek is BEAUTIFUL!

Swimmin' at Slide Rock

We had so much fun on this air mattress!
Blake LOVED the water!
Kaci finally gave it up! (Slept a whole 10 min)

Restin' at the Hotel (The Hilton Resort)
Kaci was a cute little water bug!
Our cute girls!

Bryson had a great time - he loved the fast dark water slide!


Alan's brother Levi has been living here in Joseph City for the summer - at times I have wondered if he is a good influence on my husband or not. They both have the same addicition...

HORSES!!! I believe at one point in time we had around 25 horses at our place. We diffinitly are CRAZY! Just look at the pictures... then you will see! These are just a few of them!

A Couzin Visit...

Alan's Couzin Keri Lamoreaux and her 4 kids came for a visit from Utah. We had such a GREAT time. We tried to cram in as much fun as we could possibly stand in 3 days... Horses, badlands, the Steps, swimming, 4th of July, etc...
At the bottom of the hill... they had a nice little WIPE OUT!
Swimmin at the Creek!
Ready, Set, GO!!!
Fishin' with a cup. Alan caught a ton of baby catfish - and

of course they were brought back home to our horse trough!

Happy 4th of July...

I LOVE the 4th of JULY!!! Every year, we celebrate at the park in Joseph City. It's a tradition that Alan and I helped start 6 years ago. This year, Grandpa and Grandma Palmer were with us along with Levi his friend Sam and Keri Lamoreaux and her kids. It was a great day!

Bike Parade started off the day!

Watchin' the parade - Keri and her family!

Dad and Blake won this race - they were FAST!

Alan and his dad were runner's up in the horse shoe Tourn.

Yes...that me and Bryson - all I will say is " I NEED TO LIFT WEIGHTS"!!!


OKAY.. so prayers are answered! The day Spiky (Mo's) Owners claimed him, Bryson was looking on Craigs list and found a new bearded dragon, cage and all for $65.00. Guess what that means - YES we have some happy kids with a new pet. It's name was Spike so all they had to do was add a Y on the end!