Thursday, June 26, 2008

Husband and wife Convention...

The past 3 days, Alan and I had the opportunity to go to a husband and wife convention (and baby of course) for his work. He teaches for church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every year we do this and every year it is in a different setting, but ALWAYS so much fun! This year we were in Prescott, AZ. While we were there, we ate GREAT food, Visited with friends (About 140 people were there), played games and just enjoyed our time together! One of the things we did was a high ropes course and the YMCA Sky Hi Camp. It was SCARY but so fun! What a feeling of achievement after you climbed down a 60 foot tower or walked a wire. The object was to help build unity as a couple and as an entire group. If you ever have a chance to do a high ropes course - go for it! I love my time away with Alan, but I also love being a mom and was so excited to get home to our older 3 children. They seemed to have had a great time while we were gone, but the hugs and kisses we got when we returned sure made us feel good and let us know that we were missed!

Ropes Course Prescott, AZ

Everyone was so good to
help with Kaci! Everyone LOVED her!!!

Vicky rappelling ...
o.k. so I told everyone it
was a 100ft tower - It
felt like it - but it's only
60 ft. Still very HIGH!

Alan on the wall!

Hold on tight!

Vicky on the ropes!

Kaci Sleeping (Yeah!)

Alan getting ready to
walk the line!

Alan's brother Dave and his
wife Tia were at the convention
with us!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A very SAD day...

Today was a sad day at the Palmer household! First of all, our filly (Sugar's baby) passed away this morning. We were all so sad - she would have been a beautiful horse. Second of all, the bearded dragon's owners were found - and claimed her. Her name is really "Mo". Our kids were so sad. Not to mention the fact that they think "Mo" is a weird name! Life's lessons can be hard!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Visit to Grandpa and Grandma Baseball's House

Last Monday, we went to Flagstaff for a visit and took Grandpa and Grandma to lunch at Sizzler. Our kids have called them Grandpa and Grandma Baseball for years - ever since they played ball with them in their front yard. We love to visit and Blake and Grandpa LOVE TO TEASE!!!

What a Find...

Bearded Dragon
Yesterday, Alan was a the High School for a young single adult conference and on the sidewalk he found this... At first he thought it was rubber, then it moved! A friend pulled some info for us and we learned that it is a Bearded Dragon native to Austrilia. They call it Spikey Levi (Levi because Uncle Levi is going to Austrilia on his mission). It is very friendly, eats leafy greens, veges, and insects. When I pulled up to the High School all the women had a big grin on their faces - they asked if I had seen what Alan had caught... but they wouldn't dare tell me. I don't mind looking, but I still haven't touched!

It's Palmer the Greer Cabin

For the past 11 years Alan's parents have taken our entire family (or whoever can make it) to a cabin in Greer AZ - We now need 2 large cabins to hold everyone. This year was a crazy one for our family and so... Alan spent the first two day with the older kids at the cabin - then he went to seminary meetings in Heber for the rest of the week. Bryson and Kaylee stayed and played. I had the two little kids with me down in Pima to help my mom with here surgery (I am not sure how much help I was with a 3 year old and a baby - moral support I guess...#!?) Then at the end of the week - I got to go and enjoy a couple of days at the cabin. It is so BEAUTIFUL in Greer. Bryson and Kaylee had a blast. Kaylee and Kemilee and Haylee were inseparable and Bryson with the boy cousins really enjoyed the great outdoors! I guess at one point they not only had caught 1 snake but an HANDS FULL of snakes!!! Thanks Dad and Mom Palmer for letting them stay the week and for all the years at the cabin! Our Cute Kids!
What a Great G-ma!
Best Friends and Cousins!
4 Boy Cousins all within 6 months of each other!
What a Great g-pa!

Sugar has a Baby...

Our Horse Sugar had a baby filly
about 3 weeks ago.

The filly is sure a cute one.
We haven't picked a name yet... any ideas?!
(She actually is hurt right now - we are praying she gets better)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Dad, We Love You!

Happy Fathers Day Alan!
You look GREAT in your new suit.
I love that you are our childrens father, they could not
have a better one. You are such a good man and
I am so thankful your mine! I LOVE YOU!!!
Dear Dad,
Thanks for being my dad. I love when we sleep on the tramp together, when we play games, and have fun together. I love you.
Love, Kaylee
Dear Dad,
I love when you hold me and I love that when I cry you give me back to mommy.
Love, Kaci (ok so mom wrote this)
Dear Dad,
I love to go down at the barn with you to feed chores, I love riding oreo with you, I love sleeping by you, I love hunting rabbits with you!
I love you!
Love, Blake
Dear Dad,
I like to go to the barn and make fires with you, hunt, fish, and swim. I am so happy that you are my dad! I love You!
Love, Bryson

White Fencing...

This past week we had a section of white vinyl fencing placed. We love the look! Now we can put animals in the pasture. Hopefully in the future we will add more.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ain't Country Life GREAT...

Country Life is GREAT! Today our kids, the Crosbys and Uncle Levi took the canoe out to the irrigation ditch. They had a blast! The water was cold but the day is hot so it felt sooooo good! Uncle Levi is up here in Joe City for the summer - it's so fun having him here!

Dad Palmer

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Thanks so much for beign such a

great example for my husband to follow.

He is alot like you and I am very thankful. We Love you!


I have the Best Parents in the WORLD!
Happy Fathers Day Dad! Thanks for being such a great father and example to me. I have always known that you would do ANYTHING for me. I love you so much! Mom - you are amazing - your attitude through this cancer challenge has been amazing! I am so thankful that YOU ARE CANCER FREE - YEAH! I love you so much - not only are you my mom but my best friend! Love you both!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hubbard Family Reunion in California

Last week my parents took my family to California for a family reunion on the beach. As you can see from the pictures, we had a BLAST! I love my family!