Thursday, June 26, 2008

Husband and wife Convention...

The past 3 days, Alan and I had the opportunity to go to a husband and wife convention (and baby of course) for his work. He teaches for church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every year we do this and every year it is in a different setting, but ALWAYS so much fun! This year we were in Prescott, AZ. While we were there, we ate GREAT food, Visited with friends (About 140 people were there), played games and just enjoyed our time together! One of the things we did was a high ropes course and the YMCA Sky Hi Camp. It was SCARY but so fun! What a feeling of achievement after you climbed down a 60 foot tower or walked a wire. The object was to help build unity as a couple and as an entire group. If you ever have a chance to do a high ropes course - go for it! I love my time away with Alan, but I also love being a mom and was so excited to get home to our older 3 children. They seemed to have had a great time while we were gone, but the hugs and kisses we got when we returned sure made us feel good and let us know that we were missed!

Ropes Course Prescott, AZ

Everyone was so good to
help with Kaci! Everyone LOVED her!!!

Vicky rappelling ...
o.k. so I told everyone it
was a 100ft tower - It
felt like it - but it's only
60 ft. Still very HIGH!

Alan on the wall!

Hold on tight!


Kristi said...

What a great trip! How fun that you get to do that every year!!!

Deanne Wahl said...

I love how brave you are! I think I would have been way to scared to go through with that!

Tom, Suzanna & kiddos said...

Yeow! And there's one more reason why Tom will never be in CES - because his wife is a WIMP! :D Actually, it looks like you guys had a great time! Glad you could have some time away with eachother!

kristal said...

VICKI!!! You have a blog!!! Yay! Um, and I wanna go to this convention! Looks like a LOTTA fun! When are we going to take soem pictures?! Let me know, anytime!

Samantha said...

Hi Vicki!! I found your I just thought I'd say Hi! I haven't seen you guys in forever!! Kaylee and Bryson are so big!! I miss babysitting them! :) Kaci and Blake are so cute! Hope to see you soon!
Samantha (Solomon) Sherwood

The Sanderson Family said...

Hey Vicky...I am so glad you have a blog. How fun! Your family is so cute! You guys are so awesome! Your family is one of the reasons we want to stay in the are great, amazing people!

Allen and Terri Bushman said...

Viki, found your blog today! it's cute, chk out mine and add me to yours & I would like to add yours to mine. Terri Bushman:)