Monday, May 21, 2012

412.  School is almost out!!!!!! ( I love having my kids home!)
413.  Bryson's skin graft is almost completely closed (even the area where it did not originally take)

Bryson has another appt. on Wed. with both surgeons.  Anxious to hear if the bone in his arm looks any better.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tender Mercies and Blessings that occur DAILY!

The other day I was recording of blessings has really slowed down.  But it's not because they have gone away and I am not being blessed,  I think mostly I just didn't want to ever repeat the same blessing.  Today I realized that is FOOLISH and IMPOSSIBLE to not repeat a blessing - because I am given so many blessings each and every day, that are repeated day after day after day.  Our Heavenly Father is AMAZING in his kindness he shows us!  So this post is to count all 205 past blessings  as blessings and tender mercies in my life AGAIN.  I guess that jumps me up to #411.  Wow I am blessed! :) 
***Just talked with Morgans Mom - her appt. is still on for tomorrow!  PLEASE keep praying!
#411. MY LIFE

Saturday, May 5, 2012

203. Surgery #5 Done!

Bryson had surgery again this week.   They took out all the external hardware and evaluated things. Looks like we are playing the waiting game again.  The bone has not healed yet so the Dr. wants to reevaluate things in 2 weeks then 6 weeks - still hoping for NO bone graft, but we will see what time brings.  The body has been making new bone - but currently it has not put the new bone where it needs to be. He has been in some pain since the surgery (which Dr said should be expected). But overall doing well.  The skin graft is still healing. The Plastic surgeon was suppose to be in surgery with him this week also, but was called out to an emergency.  He will re-eval in 2 weeks to see if they need to do any more with that. Anxious to get this all done, but very thankful he is this far through it! :)

204.  Bryson got Panda Express (not once but twice after surgery) - he was very happy (it's his fav!)
205.  Dad/Son time - Alan took Bryson for surgery - I stayed home with other kids that were not feeling to well. One on One time together with a child is precious even when it's for a surgery! :)

***Morgan goes back to Dr. on Monday - praying for a miracle for her!