Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Lesson Learned...

It was late tonight and I couldn't find something that I really needed for Kaci before I put her down to sleep - Bryson was helping me look - I was getting frustrated then.... I turned around and Bryson was on his knees praying - What a good kid and of course we found it! Lessons can often be taught to us by our children!!!


I love this holiday - not Alan's fav but he cooperates nicely! I just love it - cuz the kids look so cute in all their costumes.. Halloween this year started a day early - with the school carnival. (our f-ball team had a game in Bagdad on Halloween -and since that will take half the town away - they did the carnival early) - my kids were excited... it just extended the fun! Here are a few pictures of all our excitement over the last two days!

Blake had a Halloween Preschool Party... He even had a little performance and sang the mom's songs. So So CUTE!!! He loves being a Cowboy in real life - him and his Dad went riding today! Later on Halloween night... he was a cute little puppy dog! His friend Jareom stayed the night and they loved counting their candy together!

Kaylee - we'll after tonight - Dad has decided that SHE WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WEAR MAKEUP AGAIN AND SHE WILL NOT DATE TILL SHE'S AT LEAST 40! She looked beautiful in here Gypsy costume!

Kaylee and her friend Kristen

Makin' Spooky Pancakes... YUMMY!
Kaci - what can I say... She is just ADORABLE!!!

Bryson was BRAVE and decided to... well see for yourself.... At the carnival, I bet at least 100 people rubbed his head and EVERYONE loved the look! The manager of Walmart (he lives in Joe City) was there and took a pic - he plan's on showing it to all his employees.

Tryin' to look like an OLD MAN - I think we know what he might look like when he's 90!!!

Bryson carved this picture of Christ - it looked amazing!!!

Halloween Night - Crosby's came over and we ate a GROSS DINNER... Intestines, Spider eggs, Black bat wings, Pus, Blood, Moldy bread, Booger Salad, were a few items on the menu - IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!
Black Bat Wings (Thanks for the idea Jackie)

All the Cousins went out Trick or Treating together - so FUN! We even let the older boys go off by themselves this year - they loved it and we love that cell phones exist - we checked in with them often!

It's the Day after Halloween... and what am I thankful for.... NO MORE HALLOWEEN TILL NEXT YEAR - I'm all SPOOKED OUT!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Haunted House...

Yesterday... the kids made a Haunted Gingerbread House....

I think Blake ate a little too much Candy and Frosting... later that evening when our Home Teachers came over... HE WAS WIRED!!!!!!!!!!! The kids called the ghost... The Holy Ghost... trying to help this be more of a Sunday activity.

KK's hair...

Just had to post this... Crosby's were over playin' and I went out to check on the kids and this is what I found....


Bishop was HEART ATTACKED...

Today - the Primary Children Heart Attacked Alan's Bishops door - so cute! On the hearts they thanked him for all he does. I'll post a pic as soon as I get to the church to take one!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Primary Program...

Today was our Ward's Primary program. It was a wonderful program - Our kids did a great job on their parts and the songs were beautiful! Alan (Bishop) even gave a little talk at the end of the program - one of my fav parts - was that Alan actually got to sit by me during the meeting - that is always a treat for me cuz it doesn't happen very often... I'm not sure he wants to anymore though... Kaci spit up all over him not once but twice - he was covered!

A Beautiful day...

Today was a very Beautiful and Spiritual Day... It was Laynee's funeral and the day couldn't have been more special. Knowing someone like her and her family just makes you want to be better. During Alan's talk - he challenged all of us to touch others lives for good - just like Laynee did ours.

The Swing...

Alan's Uncle Tom and Aunt Gretna Palmer and G-ma came thru Joe City the other day for a quick visit. They left today for their another mission - they are going to the West Indies . They are an amazing couple and will serve so well. Just a funny (sort of funny) little story... 8 years ago, when we moved to Joe City... I really wanted a porch swing on our front porch. We'll Uncle Tom and Aunt Gretna had one - and they gave it to us.... UNDER ONE CONDITION: Alan had to sing me a love song while we sat on the swing together (Alan actually has an amazing voice - and I would love this)... now 8 years later.. guess what their first question was to Alan when they walked thru our door... Yip - you guessed it - of course they asked him if he has met up to his end of the deal and yip - you guessed it - HE HAS NOT!!!!!!!!! The swing is down right now getting repaired - so Uncle Tom told Alan... he owes me 2 songs when it gets fixed! When you see me a favor and ask if he's kept his commitment!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I plan on going private in the next week or so... if you would like to be invited on to my blog - drop me an email at I guess... CRAZY PEOPLE try to get info from blogs...and use it in ways they shouldn't - don't want to risk it!

Jessica Tagged Me...

4 random things I love about Alan...
1. I love it when he goes to the coral to feed the animals and after he is done - he stands and stares - I sometimes watch him from our kitchen window - I know when he's doing this he's just de-stressing and enjoying life - I love it!
2. I love it that he calls me during the day for no real reason - just because he loves me!
3. I love it that he looks so dang good in anything.. suit and tie, wranglers, and etc...
4. I love it that he can dance Country so amazingly - I saw him on the dance floor the first time I ever saw him and I was like... WOW!!!

4 jobs I've had...
1. Life Guard
2. Secretary
3. Pharmaceutical Rep
4. Dental Hygienist

4 movies I've seen more then once...
1. Scooby Doo (Blake's Fav)
2. Man From Snowy River
3. Scooby Doo
4. Scooby Doo

4 TV Shows I watch...
We actually don't have TV - not enough time to watch it!

4 place I've been...

1. Wyoming

2. Washington

3. Germany

4. California

4 places I've lived...
1. Pima, AZ
2. Flagstaff, AZ
3. West Jordan, UT
4. Joseph City, AZ

4 favorite foods...
1. Mexican
2. Mexican
3. Mexican
4. Mexican (can you tell what I like?)

4 places I'd like to visit....
1. Hawaii
2. Chilie
3. Nauvoo
4. Tropical Island (alone with Alan)

4 people I tag...
1. Suzanna
2. Deanne
3. Maryann
4. Kami

Monday, October 20, 2008

My heart is heavy...

These last few days have been tough... Our good friends and members of our ward lost their little baby girl Laynee yesterday. She was born healthy, but at about 4 weeks caught a cold that attacked her heart. She has been fighting for her life the last 9 months. She was such a fighter and a blessing - not only to her family but to EVERYONE in this community. MariJoe and JC (her parents) are such good examples to everyone - they are sad for their loss - but every time we are with them they bear testimony of our Savior and they know that they will be with her again and have the opportunity to raise their sweet little girl. They plan on having a service this Saturday - a viewing will be held from 9 am till 10 am with a service in the chapel at 10:00 -. THEY WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT ALL ARE INVITED TO ATTEND.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We LOVE Cookies!!

With Alan, being the Bishop... Sunday's can sometimes be long days, so today after church, Jenny came over and made Halloween cookies with our kids. It was so so so FUN! Our kids had such a great time!

Jenny Patterson... went to Chef school and is AMAZING in the kitchen.

Bryson and his dough...

Kaylee LOVES to cook... Blake was so proud of his cookies...

Solomon's even came over for some cookie decorating lessons...



FINALLY, at 1:00 am this Sunday morning - Bryson returned! He was happy and tired - It sounded like a tough hike that ended up going into dark. What a great experience for him and all the boys! We're proud of you Bryson!
Of course, Bryson is loving' this... he got spoiled by both Blake and Kaylee with a back massage!

Cousin time...

We love having cousins come visit! A few weeks ago, The Layton's were up visiting which was GREAT fun - then last week Blake had the chance to visit and play with his cousin Ally - then this week Jadin and Samantha were up for a visit. I didn't have my camera on the first two visits, but here's some of the fun they had the past couple of days... and OF COURSE my kids love living' next door to our Crosby cousins!!!!
Jadin, Sam, Blake, Kelli

Blake and Jadin loved riding' OREO - Jadin would use the stick and Blake would use the reins - they even did some trotting!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Outside Project...

I don't think I have posted this yet... WE HAVE A GOAT and YES I DRINK THE MILK. To be honest, I actually can't taste a difference between the goat milk and cow milk and BELIEVE ME I was VERY SCEPTICAL about the whole thing. Today, Alan and our good friend Ed Owen have been welding a cow/goat pen and it looks great!
Our Goat! As I was writing this, I realized our goat didn't have a name so.... We just took a vote and her name is now SALLY! She is a very friendly goat!

The new pen at the top of the arena...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bryson is growin' up...

Brsyon just headed out the door for a overnighter campout with scouts... They are going up by Hanagan's Meadow and then doing a 20 mile hike down to the Blue river (I hope I got all that right) tommorow. It should be a cold night, so I made sure I helped him pack good#?!!! As he was getting ready to leave, we were talking - I told him it's hard on Moms to see there little boys grow up...I said you know I worry about you don't you... His reply "Obviously, look at all this" as he points to his HUGE PILE of stuff he was taking! However, to my credit... when I dropped him off.... Other kids had HUGE PILES OF STUFF too! I hope he has a great trip, is safe and stays warm! I'm sure I will offer a few prayers in the next 24 hours! Thank goodness he has GREAT Scout Leaders!!!

It Bunco time....

Okay.. so last night was bunco night.. and for the VERY FIRST TIME... I got to stay at the party the ENTIRE TIME and Alan didn't even have to bring Kaci to me! Yeah!!!!! She actually took a bottle for him and was very happy while I was gone... and like I said in a blog earlier, I even came home to a mostly clean house. What a family I have - they are AWESOME!!! Okay, so about Bunco... it was at my friend Krystal's house - she required us to dress as a famous person... so Alan helped me come up with an idea... And HERE IT IS!!!
CAN YOU GUESS IT??? Yip, I'm Sarah Palin
(I was so happy... people actually knew who I was)

As you can see from the picture...we had a great time!

Here are others and their fun costumes...


She has been a little crabby lately..... and I could not figure out the problem... Finally I noticed another tooth pop thru yesterday... She is feeling much better now! Yeah for Kaci and Yeah for Mom! Now, poor poor poor Kaci... last night she feel out of our bed onto the floor face first and today, she hit her head on our hard tile. She seems to have made it thru all her mishaps fine - but I feel so bad as her mom - I NEED TO PROTECT HER MORE!!! When Blake saw her hit her head on the tile he said "Poor Little Thing" in a very sad little voice. He loves his sister and hates to see her get hurt. She is sleeping now and all is well - thankfully!