Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love this holiday - not Alan's fav but he cooperates nicely! I just love it - cuz the kids look so cute in all their costumes.. Halloween this year started a day early - with the school carnival. (our f-ball team had a game in Bagdad on Halloween -and since that will take half the town away - they did the carnival early) - my kids were excited... it just extended the fun! Here are a few pictures of all our excitement over the last two days!

Blake had a Halloween Preschool Party... He even had a little performance and sang the mom's songs. So So CUTE!!! He loves being a Cowboy in real life - him and his Dad went riding today! Later on Halloween night... he was a cute little puppy dog! His friend Jareom stayed the night and they loved counting their candy together!

Kaylee - we'll after tonight - Dad has decided that SHE WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WEAR MAKEUP AGAIN AND SHE WILL NOT DATE TILL SHE'S AT LEAST 40! She looked beautiful in here Gypsy costume!

Kaylee and her friend Kristen

Makin' Spooky Pancakes... YUMMY!
Kaci - what can I say... She is just ADORABLE!!!

Bryson was BRAVE and decided to... well see for yourself.... At the carnival, I bet at least 100 people rubbed his head and EVERYONE loved the look! The manager of Walmart (he lives in Joe City) was there and took a pic - he plan's on showing it to all his employees.

Tryin' to look like an OLD MAN - I think we know what he might look like when he's 90!!!

Bryson carved this picture of Christ - it looked amazing!!!

Halloween Night - Crosby's came over and we ate a GROSS DINNER... Intestines, Spider eggs, Black bat wings, Pus, Blood, Moldy bread, Booger Salad, were a few items on the menu - IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!
Black Bat Wings (Thanks for the idea Jackie)

All the Cousins went out Trick or Treating together - so FUN! We even let the older boys go off by themselves this year - they loved it and we love that cell phones exist - we checked in with them often!

It's the Day after Halloween... and what am I thankful for.... NO MORE HALLOWEEN TILL NEXT YEAR - I'm all SPOOKED OUT!!!!!


The Sanderson Family said...

Vicky you are just way too creative! Your party sounded like so much fun! I wish I was that creative! Your kids all looked so cute on Halloween!

Mary Ann said...

HA HA.. I love the costumes! Bryson WAS brave! All your kids look great and the party sounds like so much fuN!

maryann said...

OK, I gotta know what the pus was...... I'm hoping it was Ranch dressing?....... How could you eat it with that label stuck to it. UGH! Cute idea though! My kids would love it. And I ahve to know what Bryce did for the top of his hair. That looks real! I'm seeing grandpa Palmer!! Too Cute!

Aaron N Beki said...

I have to say bryces costume is great!