Sunday, December 21, 2008


Why is it that as a child... from Dec 1st till Christmas Day takes at least 1/2 the year to get here, but as an adult.... it comes so fast and then it's gone!!! To answer my question... yes I think I'm ready - just a little more wrapping to do!

More funny things Blake says...

The other day...Blake said "When I grow up Dad - I'm going to be a Bishop like you" I decided to ask Blake why he thinks Heavenly Father needs Bishops. He responded in a way like Duh MOM... "To hand out candy"!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brother Lee and Blake SAVES the DAY...

We have this man in our Ward - Brother Ivin Lee - he is AMAZING and CAN FIX ANYTHING!!!!!!! Our washer started leaking water (GUSHING) - and he came right over and took care of the problem. Blake was so excited to help - and Brother Lee was so kind to let him.

Decorating the tree...

On Sunday, we decorated our Christmas tree... In fact the KIDS did it all by their selves this year - the entire set up!!! But, they saved the star for Dad (He was still doing Bishop stuff)!

I love our Nativity... It helps us remember the real reason for this season!

Thanks kids for doing such a great job with decorating!

Love the Expression - you can just tell he is so excited for Christmas!
Kaci even helped...

But wore out quickly...

A few days later... Bryson decorated the outside and hung lights.

Thanks Bryson! It looks great!

More fun in Mesa...

We decided to stay an extra night in Mesa after Grandpa and Grandma left and just have some family time... We enjoyed ourselves so much and here are just a few things we did.... Bass Pro shop, Mesa Temple Lights, Swimming, Great food, Movies at the hotel, etc... It was just a wonderful weekend!!!

Family Pictures at Bass Pro Shop
(We actually run into Alan's Uncle Max and all his kids here so he took our pics)

The kids got to see Santa... You can see how much Kaci LOVED it!

The kids (all of us) loved seeing all the animals! We laughed so hard... Alan would try and scare Blake by holding him close then growling. It was great!Kaylee looking at the Large Trout...

Kaci playing with a stuffed reindeer (we were trying to keep her happy)!

I goofed and didn't get pics of Bryson at Bass Pro Shop... He was in Heaven here... this is what he loves!

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE... It was Beautiful with lights!

More Family Shots... Great Memories! Kaylee was our photographer with the pics below...
The wise men and baby Jesus were her fav pics to take!

Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma Hubbard

Grandpa and Grandma took us to AMAZING JAKES!!!!! (our kids have wanted to go FOREVER) so this was the BEST present ever. They stayed down in Mesa with us Thanksgiving night - put us up in a motel and then we PLAYED on Friday (That is after Mom, Jody and I did our early morning shopping - oh so fun!) - Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a VERY FUN WEEKEND! We love you! Here are a few pics in no particular order..

Gettin' ready for Lazar Tag...
Kaylee on the Tea Cups...
I took Kaci on them once - BIG MISTAKE - I got so Dizzy but Kaci Love it

Kaci on the Merry Go Round... Bryson took her on it at first and she was happy until... the worker went to buckle her in - then she was ticked! Dad got on and she at least lasted thru the ride (sort of happily)
Mom and Kaci
Kaci drivin' the race cars with Dad

Kaylee and Bryson on the Bumper cars...
Blake took a turn also but I didn't have my camera ready.
Blake's Fav ride... I bet he rode it 20 times!
Hold on Blake... this one goes FAST!
Lookin' for tickets... to cash in on prizes!
Grandma and Kaci
Grandpa playin' with the grand kids!

Thanksgiving Day...

Okay... so I'm spoiled (I know) and EACH (mostly) year - we go to MY FAMILY'S side for Thanksgiving. I love it! It is the only time of the year that my entire family on my Dad's side gets together. There is usually around 100 plus people - lots of food - volleyball (it's a tradition) - great weather and just lots of fun - This year was no exception - it was a wonderful year! Here are a few pics...

It was so great to have all my family there this year!

Fun times!

Blake havin' fun with cousins!

Dad and Bryson playin' catch
Everyone LOVED cute little Kaci!
We lOVE Grandpa!