Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dear Dad, We Love You!

Happy Fathers Day Alan!
You look GREAT in your new suit.
I love that you are our childrens father, they could not
have a better one. You are such a good man and
I am so thankful your mine! I LOVE YOU!!!
Dear Dad,
Thanks for being my dad. I love when we sleep on the tramp together, when we play games, and have fun together. I love you.
Love, Kaylee
Dear Dad,
I love when you hold me and I love that when I cry you give me back to mommy.
Love, Kaci (ok so mom wrote this)
Dear Dad,
I love to go down at the barn with you to feed chores, I love riding oreo with you, I love sleeping by you, I love hunting rabbits with you!
I love you!
Love, Blake
Dear Dad,
I like to go to the barn and make fires with you, hunt, fish, and swim. I am so happy that you are my dad! I love You!
Love, Bryson


Mary Ann said...

Happy father's day ALAN!! you are an amazing person and i'm thankful you are our older brother and perfect example!
we miss you guys.. i love the new blog! good job vicky! it will be fun to keep in touch a little better!

Kristi said...

Vicky! How are you???? I was so excoted to see your blog on Mary Anns! Come visit mine-

I cant believe how big all your kids are getting, can it really be that long since we have seen you???

And you look great! I love all the pictures and I look forward to keeping in touch with you this way!