Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Palmer the Greer Cabin

For the past 11 years Alan's parents have taken our entire family (or whoever can make it) to a cabin in Greer AZ - We now need 2 large cabins to hold everyone. This year was a crazy one for our family and so... Alan spent the first two day with the older kids at the cabin - then he went to seminary meetings in Heber for the rest of the week. Bryson and Kaylee stayed and played. I had the two little kids with me down in Pima to help my mom with here surgery (I am not sure how much help I was with a 3 year old and a baby - moral support I guess...#!?) Then at the end of the week - I got to go and enjoy a couple of days at the cabin. It is so BEAUTIFUL in Greer. Bryson and Kaylee had a blast. Kaylee and Kemilee and Haylee were inseparable and Bryson with the boy cousins really enjoyed the great outdoors! I guess at one point they not only had caught 1 snake but an HANDS FULL of snakes!!! Thanks Dad and Mom Palmer for letting them stay the week and for all the years at the cabin! Our Cute Kids!
What a Great G-ma!
Best Friends and Cousins!
4 Boy Cousins all within 6 months of each other!
What a Great g-pa!