Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surgrey #2

Well after the first surg we were under the impression that the next would be on Monday.  But Sat night at 1130 plastic surg came in.  They are very worried about infection so they wanted to go back in Sunday morning to clean it out again, cut away dead tissue and muscle and make sure all is ok.  The surg took 1 hour and he woke up a lot quicker this time.  They did take out dead tissue and even worked on some damaged nerves.  he has a little nerve damage that is causing finger numbness they thinly it will eventually come back.  It only a little numb mostly the thumb. But as of right now there is no infection in there.  He is receiving 2 diff types of antibiotics often during the day.  Next surgery will ne Monday at 1. They are not quite sure what will happen then....maybe just a clean out, maybe starting the graft that it will take to cover up the softball size open wound, or maybe a bone graft from his hip to fill in about 1/2 inch of bone that is missing in one of his arm bones. Our prayers are that they will know what to do.  A team of orthapedic drs will be looking at his case in the morn prior to surg.


30. I have to say...our greatest blessing is that we still have Bryson around to have surgeries! We are so thankful it was not any worse!

31.  texts bryson has received from friends.  He does not talk much...but when he wakes up from his drug induced naps...the first thing he asks for is his phone.  Those texts have meant the world to him! He has such great friends and we are very thankful for all of you!

32. My sister who brought food and Sat with me during today's surg....Alan is stuck in Flag from the storm...were praying that weather is calmed and he can get here tommorow.

33.  A daughter who packed a great bag of clothes and friends whom brought them to me.

34.  A shower for me In Brysons hospital room

35.  A bro n law whom brought food and gave me a sweet blessing of comfort.

36.  Family that brought Panda Express to a starved boy and his mom.

37. Life...our lives are a blessing!

38.conference talk

39.  Phone calls from family/friends!

40.  Our other 3 kids at home...their wellingness to help out, go with the flow, not complain and pray! Love you and miss you!

41.  That they were able to change out his iv during this last surg to a better one in a better place.  He can now finally use his right hand.  We had lots of iv problems last night.

42. Friends who bring homemade spagetti to the same starved boy.

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Wendy Sue said...

Vicky, your family picture is beautiful! I love your blessings and tender mercies, what a wonderful thing to do when you're in a stressful situation. We'll put Bryson's name in the Seattle Temple.