Saturday, September 20, 2008

OBED Ward RODEO... (pictures will be added soon)

Saturday we had a GREAT ward party.... A RODEO! We had a huge turn out with lots of good food and entertainment. Alan spent the last couple of days rounding up animals - we had muttin' bustin (5 sheep), steer riding, cow hide races, ribbon race, kids made stick horses, gunny sack races, barrels, poles, and more... Alan's sister Tonya is the activity chairman and did a great job. We came home that night DIRTY and TIRED and HAPPY the day went so well! The following are just a FEW of my pictures, just to give you a taste of what the day was like.

Dad and Kaci and ? Goin' for a ride. Kaci loves to ride with Dad!

Bishop Palmer givin' some instructions to our Young Women

The Grocery (Candy) race for kids. Can you tell Blake LOVES candy????!!! Look at my LOAD!
The ribbon race - if they got a ribbon off a tail they earned a $1

Such Great food!!! and LOTS of it!!!

Hee Ya! Just watchin'!

More of The Obed's Ward Youth! We have such great Kids in Joe City!

Get ready, set, go...

Yeah... We won a $1!

Our young men!
The cow hide (rubber) race - a favorite!
Pie eating contest.... from this
to this....

Kaylee helpin' KK with her stick horse!
The stick horse coloring was a BIG hit!

Wheelbarrow grocery race!


Mary Ann said...

Can't wait to see pictures! I'm glad you are posting again!

christine said...

hey, guys! cute blog! your ward rodeo sounds like so much fun. you have such a cute family. hopefully we will get down to AZ and see you guys sometime, it's been too long!

Mela said...

Hey Vicky! What a beautiful family! How are you?