Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kids say the funniest things...

This past weekend, Alan and I and the two little kids went to Phoenix to watch the Joe City/Pima f-ball playoff game (We don't need to talk about who won - obviously not who I was hoping for) anyways... Blake really wanted to stay home with the sitter so to try and make it a little more fun for him... We spoiled him a little. One thing we did was got him HOOKED on Slurpee Drinks from 7-11. On Saturday afternoon - he wanted one BAD and of course we couldn't find a 7-11 ANYWHERE... so as we were looking, a SAD LITTLE FACE looked up and said "You know little kids can go to Heaven if they don't get anything to drink" Of course... we got a good laugh and after he got his drink he said "I'm so glad I didn't go to Heaven" We are too Blake!

Okay... this is a few days later, but I just have to add this so I remember... Blake today said the funniest thing. We were in a store and of course it's bathroom was broke - and we were DESPERATE, so we went next door to a tanning salon to use theirs. As we walked to the very back of the store, Blake asked "What are those things?" referring to the tanning beds. I said " They are things that help tan people" He of course asked " What does tanning mean?" I said "It turns people brown" He looked surprised and said "I wish they had something that turned people blue - I want to be blue!" Such a silly KID!


Kourtney Dawn said...

i love it!!! he is soo cute!!!

Aaron N Beki said...

haha! kids come up with the darnest things! my family had some goats when we were younger ......and well there was one we really loved it followed us around like it was a dog and somehow it got out of the fence and followed us to the bus stop one morning and got ran the bus driver...sad story